Timon Tio is a Birmingham based jewellery designer operating in an intersection between art, technology and fashion.

The label was born in 2018 as a vehicle to share his vision of modern luxury, fusing state of the art technology with hand crafting techniques to create unique jewellery pieces.


Timon's fashion forward collections challenge the boundaries of 3D printing, offering a new contemporary aesthetic for men and women. His collections of chunky chains and charms are made with a high resolution 3D printed nylon: a strong yet lightweight material, which is then combined with different materials such as silver and resin.


Timon is a Brazilian born multi-disciplinary designer based in Birmingham, UK. He was initially trained as an Industrial Designer in São Paulo and gained experience with product design for over three years. In 2016, he decided to change his creative focus to jewellery, working as a CAD jewellery designer before moving to the UK to pursue his studies.

In 2017, Timon graduated with a First Class Honours in Design for Industry at Birmingham School of Jewellery, with his final graduate work becoming the starting point of his business.